Vinyl Back2Back

So, I know what you all are thinking, “This chick must really love vinyl!” The truth is, I do. I have never really been into following trends, but as soon as this became a big deal down the runway, i’ve always wanted vinyl in my closet just for the thought. Vinyl is very daring and I am learning to get in tune with that side of me.

Pairing this vinyl skirt was the biggest, yet fun challenge for me. I fell in love with this stripe tube-tie top and thought it would be the cutest to pair. I am definitely a layering person and knew I wanted to go for a “pop” of color with the outfit. Whats better than mustard?

Even though vinyl is known for causing a sweat, I must say, having a mini vinyl skirt is genius. This outfit would be perfect for going to brunch with friends, or attending a cool art museum just for leisure. Would you purchase a vinyl mini-skirt/ is it out of your comfort zone? Let me know your thoughts below?


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