Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s Valentine’s Day! I know many people are questioning themselves. Stuck on what to get her? Stuck on what to ask for? Even stuck on where to go? Don’t worry, this gift guide is exactly for you!


Valentine’s Day is today and many of you all are probably still stuck shopping for gifts to get your significant other. I have curated a list of the Top 6 gifts that every girl would love, no matter the circumstances of your relationship with your partner. Celebrating Valentine’s Day alone? No worries, I understand and have curated a list for you too!



1. BEARS FOR HUMANITY Large Stuffed Bear • $60 — This is  gift that every girl would want to receive. Besides, it makes for the perfect pillow.
2. FINE JEWELRY Genuine Garnet & Lab Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring • $124.99
3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 • $69.99 – My Fuji-film camera is one of my best purchases made. Each picture is perfect for making memories.
4. FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Liq Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color • Fenty Beauty By Rihanna • $24 – Finding that perfect “red” lipstick tone can be frustrating. Every girl should own a Fenty red lipstick. Perfect for every skin tone.
5. Alex and Ani ‘Because I Love You’ Adjustable Wire Bangle • Alex and Ani • $28 – Alex and Ani bracelet is my favorite gift to give. Made from sterling silver, you can even customize bracelets and add charms.
6. Le’ Petite • Venus Et Fleur • $139– I know you have seen numerous of people on social media advertising this brand. Give your partner these eternal lasting flowers (can even customize the flower type, flower color and box).


Need ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day. Check out a curated list i’ve created of the Top 10 Things to do for Valentines Day!

1. Watch 50 Shades of Grey trilogy: 50 Shades Freed. See who has tickets (here).

2. Go ice skating and grab some hot chocolate while you’re out.

3. Order your significant other some flowers or edible arrangements (here). Luckily, this company offers same day delivery on Valentine’s Day.

4. Make your significant other breakfast in bed. Need some ideas on what to make? Check it out (here).

5. Get a couple’s massage. Take the day off and simply relax.

6. Go on a picnic. Take your significant other to the nearest park and bring wine.

7. Write love letters to each other. Sometimes, its hard expressing how you feel verbally. Write it out so that your partner can always keep it through tough times.

Because I am in another state and will be spending Valentine’s Day by my lonesome, I completely understand. Check out these activities that you can do if you are spending Valentines Day alone.

1. Plan a Galentine’s Day with your friends — get wine drunk.

2. Grab your buddies and take a hot yoga class in your city,

3. Order a heart-shaped pizza just for yourself. If you are located in Atlanta, check out these places that offer that (here).

4.Write a self-love, inspirational letter to yourself. Open it up on the following Valentine’s Day!

5. Binge watch your favorite TV shows — you know you want to!


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