Traveling: Guide for Beginners

I’m not an expert on traveling by any means — but traveling is something that is apart of my life. With this post I wanted to list my Top 5 “must-knows” when it comes to traveling. This is for my non-travelers and beginning travelers.


(Cartagena, Colombia)


  1. Transportation: Never limit yourself when it comes to traveling to different places over the world. Whether it’s through a plane, train, bus or water; it is important for me to always remain cost-conscious convenient. Stay within your budget and do what you can afford.


(Havana, Cuba)


2. Culture/Diversity: When traveling (in state or overseas), understand that no matter where you travel, you are in a different territory. Be open-minded. The best part about traveling is learning about different cultures and asking locals questions to understand their way of life. In a lot of countries, you will find people over charging you. Once you understand their government, you’ll realize that when tourists purchase souvenirs from locals, thats brings in more income for the local to provide for their family. This can get a bit over-whelming at times.


(Manhattan, New York)


3. Apps: I have listed the BEST apps to download when traveling — whether its for weather, GPS or money conversion, these apps will definitely relieve some stress.

– Currency XE (ios) (android) – use this app for money conversion. Make sure you download the currency type before traveling — in case you have a conflict with using your phone data.

– Google Translate (ios) (android) – perfect for visiting countries with  language barriers. You can take a picture of anything that is a different language and this app will translate it for you. The BEST traveling app ever!

– WhatsApp (ios) (android) – Use this app for messaging or calling friends/family while overseas without receiving charges from your cellphone service.

– Hopper (ios) (android) – compare cheaper flights for suggested dates

– Skyscanner (ios) (android) – compares cheaper flights for suggested dates

– Splitwise (ios) (android) – Traveling with friends? Use this app if you need to split up payments throughout the trip. At the end of the trip, this app will tell you “how much money you owe to who”.


(Miami, FL)

4. Safety: As ‘typical’ as this may sound: whenever you are traveling, be safe and make rational decisions. It’s fun to be in another territory, but be sure to research other country laws before visiting. You never want to offend anyone. THIS is the best site to visit before choosing a country to travel. This site is through the government and will inform you on any wars, political conflicts, weather issues, etc.


(Cozumel, Mexico)


5. Have Fun! You truly should try to make the best experience wherever you are. So many people do not have the ability to travel and learn about other cultures. Make your experience the best experience. Before you travel, find out some cool places to visit and great restaurants to eat at. Traveling has gotten a lot easier with technology. Everything that we need to know is at our fingertips. Use it to your advantage!

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