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Plane rides never fail to make me nauseous, but that did not hold me back from visiting Louisiana. New Orleans, Louisiana is one of my favorite places in the U.S. to visit. The scenery and architecture is to die for and the food is what brings me back each time. I have visited Louisiana a great number of times (I can count on both hands) and it never fails me. From drinking on Bourbon Street (popular drink: Hand Grenade), vibing out to the Jazz Music, to stuffing my face with beignets at Cafe Du Monde’ in French Quarter, I can never get enough. My sister lives there and best friend is originally from there. Therefore, I have no other choice but to go.

One of many things that I HAVE to do each time I visit is to: grab a few pounds of crawfish (when it is crawfish season, of course). The very first time I attempted to sample crawfish, it was a very disturbing experience. All I could see were eyes staring back at me and imagining the claws snapping at me. When I was told that you have to remove the head from the body and suck the juice out of the head, I literally wanted to faint (that fearlessness in me has arrived). Why not try it? It isn’t like I’m going to die, right?

*sucks juice out of the crawfish head*

That was actually very pleasing, if I say so myself. Now, each time I visit, I long to eat crawfish.



Below is a gallery of photos that was taken (by me). I tried to capture the way that I felt through these photos.



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