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A dear friend of mine works for a production company, RAW Production. This is an amazing organization that brings creatives together (as well as a huge crowd) to showcase their God-given talent. As soon as he asked me if I would be interested in assisting with the Nashville show (the Atlanta shows are amazing), I quickly accepted. If you know me, you know I love a good “lets go with the flow” road trip.

We quickly booked a bus ticket and I was definitely here for this adventure. Not having any experience with bus riding, I highly do not recommend Greyhound and will NEVER ride with them again. I had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived in Nashville (11pm), we were greeted by the sweetest couple (and dogs) and toured around their home.

We fell asleep super late, while watching a new show on TNT “Claws”, and knew that we would have to wake up early in the morning. The next morning, it was show time! We arrived by Lyft to the beautiful venue, which took place at a winery. The outdoor design was very appealing and I had to snap a picture. As we approached the inside, it was the perfect space for an expected of 600+ people. Now, it was time to work.

Setting up is the fun part. To see an empty space transform is exciting to me. 8 hours later, it was show time. (My videos refuse to upload 🙁 ).

Below are pictures of handmade products that people have created. The first picture of the rings were my absolutely favorite. I had to purchase! More pricing and designer info below.

Above: Brie Flora

Instagram: @Brie_Flora


Rings: Sterling Silver — $60+

Earrings: $30+


Above: Earthwhile

Instagram: @earthwhile


There were over 50+ talents for the event. Unfortunately I had to dip out a few hours early before the show ended to return to Atlanta for work in the morning. So, I had to get a quick picture in.

White Ribbed Turtle Neck: Forever21

Black Flare Pants: Zara

Fur Heel Shoes: Zara

After arriving back to Atlanta at 4am and having to be at work at 8am, I would definitely rewind time back and do it all over again. I had the most amazing time and memorable moments in nearly 24 hours of travel.

Fun fact: I am super spontaneous and love a good last minute road trip anywhere.

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