My Top 5 Favorite NYFW Shows

Truthfully, with balancing work and blogging life, things got a bit unorganized and dysfunctional in my personal life — I felt the negelence from my blog. I would say “I am commiting to becoming more conistent and produce multi-weekly content” — but I would just be aiming higher with room to fall. My work and blogging life ha finally come to a balance where I am able to have an efficient amount of time to share things on this platform that I wish.

Yes, NYFW was nearly 3 weeks away — and even though I am bit late on this topic, it never hurts to speak about the shows. This was my first time attending NYFW during the Spring/Summer showcases and it is was a big difference than attending in February — but lets just blame it on the layering pieces and having more of a variety in Fall/Winter.


While balancing life, I took about a week to watch every show that was showcased during NYFW and compiled a list of my Top 5 Most Favorite Shows — and stating why.


5. Carolina Herra

More than anything, I gravitated towads the floral boots that was showcased in this show.


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