Summer Fling

It’s the summer time and whats better than to show off a summer look? If you know me personally, you know that I have a strong dislike for summer fashion and cringe when I am unable to layer due to warm weather. For this look, it is super simple, but cute for a summer night. One of my favorite quotes, “wherever you go, go with all your heart” means a lot to me, but more so, “whatever you do, do with all your heart”. Being at the age 24, I am learning more and more each day about life.




When I turned 18, that was the fun period of life. Beginning college, meeting friends, making serious mistakes and falling in love (which entails into making more mistakes). At the age of 22, this is when you graduate college (more power to those that continue) and can now officially title yourself as being “grown” (thrown out into the world and free to create your own future). You have this degree that people hold you to a higher standard (sometimes this sucks) while figuring out life by landing your first job, willing to work your way up. From age 24-25, this is when life really gets “real”. You have your apartment, work multiple jobs (trying to figure out what you truly love), volunteer at an organization, (which you committed a year to) while working on your side hustle. You do all these things just to sit yourself down and think about taking a risk to meet your end goal. You have been working non-stop in your field and you want to find your career, only to know that your place of living is not where you need to be to make this happen. So life suddenly hits you and time waits on no man.


Everyone around you is telling you, “Take a risk! Take a risk!,” and all you can think about is hoping you don’t fail while taking this risk, right? It’s easy for me to go skydiving without being afraid of death and even easier for me to take a flight trip (fly from city to city) for 24 hours without planning it out first. But, taking a risk that determines the level of my success has always been the hardest to me. It’s normal. It’s human, right?

Get my look!

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