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1. never have I ever cried/flirted my way out of a speeding ticket

I had shed a tear (or a few) once… many years ago. I was pulled over because I was driving behind a super slow car at 2am and decided to go around them in a parking area. The police told me that it was “illegal” and luckily, he let me go due to my anxiety (my anxiety is horrible).

2. never have I ever cried at a wedding.

  • The day my sister got married brought nonstop tears to my eyes.

3. never have I ever tried to cut my own hair.

  • I definitely tried and did NOT succeed. I wanted bangs so bad when I was younger.

4. never have I ever gone vegan.

  • The vegetarian diet was the farthest that I could go. Vegan is not for me.

5. never have I ever stolen something from a restaurant.

  • Whenever I would eat at chain food restaurants, I would purposely put their sauce dishes in my to-go boxes. Thats not considered stealing, right?

6. never have I ever NOT been in love.

  • I have been in love once many years ago. I am also at the age where I am still figuring out the difference between ‘love’ and ‘lust’.

7. never have I ever got drunk and threw up.

  • Pshhh. I am a tequila girl. Bring on the drinks! I MUST share this personal story. During last year of college (I attended Georgia Southern University) I decided to celebrate Homecoming Week (since this was going to be my last year celebrating). A few of my friends came into town and we decided to pregame before we adventured the night. Sipping on tequila drinks, 30 minutes later, I was still sober. I decided to take 4 more shots and we had all left to attend our first house party for the night. As soon as I got out of the car, the tequila hit me. In the house party, we were all having fun and I decided to take jello-shots. All I can think of is “this is the last year for homecoming week, so YOU have to go all out”. 30 minutes later, I stepped outside and needed air from being super hot. All I can remember is throwing up outside my car and waking up the next morning in my bed. Never again.

8. never have I ever had to do the ‘walk of shame’.

  • As women, i’m sure we all have experienced the ‘walk of shame’ at least once in our life (returning home in the same clothes and crazy hair).

9. never have I ever had to shoot my shot.

  • I am definitely not the kind of girl that would approach a guy first, but I have definitely been out at events and knew I would regret it if I did not approach the guy first. Happened 3 times in my life and i’m proud of myself for that!
    • Guy #1: He was “social media” famous but have always found him attractive since middle school. After I approached him (he was close to a friend of mine) at a party and received his number, we began dating (hanging out and getting to know each other) and about 9 months after that, I discovered that he was very mentally unstable.
    • Guy #2: This guy was the cutest guy at a cookout and I knew I would regret it if I did not speak first. After retrieving the digits and hanging out, he ended up being a “typical immature” male.
    • Guy #3: Now this guy was beyonnddd beautiful (yes, I used the term ‘beautiful’) and this would definitely be a regret if I did not say anything. But, unfortunately, he was a taken man (super lucky gal).

10. never have I ever kissed someone on the first date.

  • I am a firm believer in “vibes” and could care less about the “rules of dating”. However, I have definitely kissed on the first date (but not often).

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