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“There is something about being out in the midst of nature that can be so calming. Surrounded by body of water and beautiful tall trees completes the day. Sometimes we all just need to go to the place that brings us the most comfort.” – Sakiyna

Never have I ever… retained a 2-piece set for spring/summer season. So I was delighted when Bresha, designer of B.A.D Influence reached out to me about collaborating with her designs. The first time I wore this outfit, I was visiting Miami. I was en route to the beach —  ampt* to soak up some sun. This outfit was super comfortable and chic’.

(Disclaimer: the light mark on my arm is my birthmark – not a burn) 🙂




Every product has its cons and pros — and I am going to speak on it:


  • This makes the cutest set to wear over your swim attire. Whether you are heading to the pool or beach, you can consider this as a cover-up.
  • I admire the light-weight material (especially in this heat). It’s refreshing to feel my skin absorbing in all the cool air.
  • The length of these pants were perfect. This is a very important quality to a person that is 5’6.
  • I am still transforming the meaning of “spring/summer fashion” into a reflection of my closet. With that, bright colors can be a bit intimidating for my taste. I was definitely satisfied with the color scheme — it works beautifully with my skin tone


  • The only ‘con’ would be geared towards the coordinating top. It would have been the perfect fit if it had some form of elastic or  stretch to it. Due to the size difference, I had to physically hold it up through-out the day.


For more of her designs, visit her site (here)
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(Proceeds for purchases goes to the Caleb Solomon Williams Foundation – for Lymphoma Cancer.)

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