Over-sized Knit Scarves — Shopping Guide

Over-sized knit scarves are my ultimate fav (especially for this cold weather). These scarves makes up the perfect accessory for any fashion look!

If you are living in Atlanta and experiencing this weather, it can be a bit confusing. One day we experience warm weather, while the next, the temperature rapidly drops. For this, this is why I believe that everyone (fashionista or not) should own an over-sized knit scarf. I purchased this scarf from Urban Outfitters and am obsessed with this scarf. As soon as I noticed the length, I quickly fell in love.

Why should you own over-sized knit scarves exactly? They are so warm (perfect the winter weather) and you can wrap them numerous times around your body for warmth.

Scarves are also a fashion staple for any outfit look! The longer the length, the better it will be!


So, I’ve curated a list of over-sized scarves. The best part about this list is that everything is under $30!

1. boohoo Sara Pom Pom Edge Knitted Scarf • boohoo • $12
2.Kennedy Waffle Knit Scarf by Free People • Free People • $29.95
3. Bershka Oversized Check Scarf • Bershka • $13
4. ASOS Oversized Long Knit Scarf • Asos • $19
5. ASOS Oversized Long Knit Scarf • Asos • $19
6. ASOS Oversized Long Knit Scarf • Asos • $15.50
7. FOREVER 21 Oversized Knit Scarf • Forever 21 • $15.92 

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