Red Carpet Hosting Event: Kimmie Awards

On April 27th- April 29th, Sheen Magazine hosted their Annual Kimmie Awards, hosted by Kimberly Chapman (Publisher) and Sammi Haynes (Editor-In-Chief). That Friday night was the anticipated Annual Chapman Foundation Fashion show; which I had the opportunity to interview some amazing talent that attended.



 Many talents that were in attendance were: Rasheeda + Kirk Frost, Keshia Denise (WAGS Atlanta), Vedo (Artist), Jeff Chery (Winner from Rick Ross show, Signed), and many more. I was also able to catch up with these wonderful people. Got the scoop on what they were all up to!


Sakiyna: I know that you have an album out. Tell me a little bit about that process and what is our favorite song on the album?

Vedo: We got a lot of favorite songs on the album. But, the process on this album really… it was me just sitting down and saying what I wanted to say. It was me moreso not giving into the “whats hot right now”. R&B is really suffering right now and I feel like we need to bring the quality and the love back to R&B. The process of this album is just me sitting down and saying “Regardless of what anybody thinks, this is what I am going to say.” My favorite song on the album is ‘Add To You’.

Sakiyna: Why is ‘Add To You’ your favorte song?

Vedo: [laughs] I mean, you know. This is just one of those songs where I just said what I wanted to say. (check out his favorite song out here — It’s REALLY good)

 (pictured left to right: Keshia Denise, Rasheeda Frost and Jeff Cherry)


(Get my look below)

On Saturday night, it was time for the main event — The Kimmie Awards. I was amazed by the guest-list — which included: Rotimi (character on hit show Power), Kwaylon Rogers (Comedian – Kway), Genise Shelton (TV Personality – Married to Medicine), Ceaser (TV Personality – Black Ink Crew), Matthew Knowles (Marketing and Business Acumen) and many more.


(current malfunction in footage. However, I can inform you that Power Season 5 is in the works)


(Get my look below)

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