Powerful in Vinyl

When I first saw these Vinyl Pants, I knew I at least had to “try them”. I’ve heard many negative comments on these and was a bit intimidated. Apparently, they were super hard to put on and 10x harder to take off. I was also told that they are extremely uncomfortable to wear. So, the stubbornness in me (that likes to go against what everyone says) decided to purchase these and give it a go. What everyone complained about was in actuality everything I loved about them. They were super simple to put on and take off and I loved the fit it has on my body type. I was obsessed. I recently saw a picture with one of my favorite bloggers (Aimme Song) wearing them and knew if I did not purchase these bomb ass statement pants, I would soon regret it.I decided to pair these pants with my favorite “Feminist Tee“, because I am all about empowering women, women equality and mentoring younger girls to expect more out of life (and that you can do/be anything you choose). Equality has ALWAYS been a huge thing in my life and supporting other women, especially politically and will always be a huge thing in my life.

Yes! Pulling off Vinyl Pants is not the easiest piece to style, but the beauty about fashion is that you have to make it your own. What do you think about this look? Would you wear Vinyl Pants? Comment below. I want to hear your thoughts!

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