How to Style a Pinafore? — Ponce City Market

I don’t think you all understand how impatient I am to feel the fall weather (cant you tell by my layering). Layering is definitely the best part about the fall. Living in Atlanta, we do not get a chance to experience what ‘true’ fall feels like. So I make sure to take advantage when the cool weather is out. It was such a beautiful day to visit Ponce City Market. If you have never heard of Ponce City Market, it is definitely a MUST visit cool spot. Many people visit this place to have great lunch, catch up with friends while drinking, or being productive and using this place as a workspace. Whatever reason you decide to go, you’ll definitely enjoy it!


When it comes to shopping, I like to find things that people wouldn’t normally go for. If you haven’t already caught what I am referring to, I am referring to my navy pinafore. An item as this is not as appealing on a hanger and would often get describes as being “too conservative” or even something like “this is something my grandma would wear.” While wearing this pinafore, I would not agree with that statement. Sweatshirts are definitely in this season and can give you a “high-low” fashion look.


Since wearing this, this pinafore works better when I tie a belt around it; giving me the desired silhouette that I was going for.



Don’t be afraid of Pinafores! There are multiple ways in which you can wear it. For this look, I decided to layer it on top of my favorite sweatshirt and pair it with some cool sneakers. Pinafores come in different fabric type and colors according to your personal style. They are super easy to slide on and layer. If you do not own one in your closet, what are you waiting for?




Get my look!



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