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Today blog post is inspired by Female Entrepreneurship. It’s a bit challenging to find your true passion. For those that wants to become an entrepreneur (such as myself), its even harder to find your niche and stick to it. I am a 100% supporter of female craft and believe that we, as women should use our creativity to inspire one another and others. I was mainly inspired by @styleofthedae t-shirt line. As soon as I saw it, I definitely had to support it. So, what a better way than to interview her, right?

TL: What inspired you on this design?

Dae: I randomly came up with the idea for my “homage tees ” after I edited a photo from a past photo shoot I did (with higher standard photography). Sitting back looking at my image I was just like, “This is dope! I’m putting myself on a shirt.” On my vacation to New York I did just that and got a tee made for myself. I received so many compliments on the shirt that I decided to make more to sell to others. I decided to name it ‘homage’ to pay respect to not just myself but ALL queens


TL: Where does your artistic influence come from?

Dae: I would say I get most of my artistic influence from my natural surroundings (people I come in contact with , the music that I listen to and images I see throughout my day). I take all that and align it with my vision and my message.

TL: Any future projects?

Dae: Yes , I have a major project I’m working on. I am kind of keeping it a secret till’ its time for promotion, but you can expect something great!


TL: What is the best advice that someone has given you?
Dae: The best advice I received was someone simply telling me “just go for it!” That stuck with me because I, myself, was the biggest thing holding me back. Now I’m going for it non-stop full force; without fear of failing. Whatever happens happens. A chance taken and not going as planned is better than a having the thought of “what if.”


TL: Last question, but what is something that is on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to do?

Dae: One thing on my bucket list i’d like to do is travel to more foreign places and experience different cultures and their way of living.

Get my look!

Homage Tee : @Styleofthedae (IG)


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