Off Shoulder Jacket + Boyfriend Jeans

Even through the cold days, I enjoy wearing my off shoulder jacket with my boyfriend jeans!


Listening to Frank Ocean- Be Yourself while typing this blog post and all I can seem to do is smile. Lately, I began to find consistent happiness. On this journey to following my creative career path and in search of my spiritual calling, questions are finally being answered.

In this song, Frank Ocean plays a voicemail which his mom left him one night. I couldn’t help but to feel her words:

“Listen, stop trying to be somebody else.

Don’t try to be someone else.

Be yourself and know that that’s good enough.

Don’t try to be like someone else,

Don’t try to act like someone else.

Be yourself, be secure with yourself.

Rely and trust upon your own decisions, on your own beliefs.”


This may sound cliche’, but its very much true. At times, we tend to get caught up into seeping into others lives just to compare. But just remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH.


So to help out anyone that is battling that, I’ve curated a list of things to do when pressured to NOT be yourself.

  1. Unfollow any social media pages that have a bad influence on you. This could be your favorite blogger, artist or even company. I find myself unfollowing some of my favorite bloggers because I tend to lose my creative control. It’s totally normal (maybe not, but let go with it).
  2. Affirm yourself every morning. Honestly, DO IT! Look into the mirror and tell yourself positive things. Pick out your least favorite quality and do something different — embrace that quality.
  3. Read a motivational book. Need help searching for the right book? I gotcha covered (here) — The Power of Positive Thinking is one of my favorites and a highly recommended book.
  4. Make a playlist! Need a playlist of self motivation? Gotcha (here). Ladies, need that extra motivation with music? Gotcha (here)
  5. Make yourself uncomfortable. I challenge you to do something you are afraid or wouldn’t normally do (run a meeting at your job, enroll in a public speaking class or go skydiving (too much ?).


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  1. I love this ! I’m on the same journey embracing my imperfections and valuing me! Sometimes we have to unfollow those pages that allow us to lose focus of our own creative goal.

  2. This post is everything! We are totally on the same page cause that list is everything I’ve been doing right now. Cut out the negative, affirm your positives, and set the atmosphere to make yourself feel good about your space! I’ll get back to you on the uncomfortable part lol cause that’s the hard one…

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