NYFW Day 3: Nandi Madida

It is Day 3 of NYFW and I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I missed 4 shows yesterday due to delay in transportation and being directed to the wrong

show. I also began to feel so overwhelmed knowing that it is impossible to attend more than 3/4 shows a day. Whatever idea I had in my mind to RSVP to as many shows (even though they were spaced out) will never be done again. However, today was a bit interesting (sort of unusual).

My ultimate goal is to move to New York and continue to break barriers. It is important, especially for the black community. I do appreciate the growth in diversity for models within the industry, but I am not appreciating the lack of diversity in the front rows within the industry. Being in front row is more than just viewing a collection and showcasing it on your social media. It allows you to have a closer look on the newest collections being viewed. For someone like me, who actually enjoys taking notes and admires patterns, fabrics, hairstyles and accessories, that means a lot.

“To be on the front row, you have to be somebody”. I was always told this. However, not living in New York and not being heavily connected within the industry, it always went over my head.”

The point of being on the front row is typically up to the PR team. They know that whomever gets the front for is some sort of influencer and will bring more awareness. Basically, within this city (let alone industry), I learned that you have to fake it to you make it! And this… is what I am not about and why I have such a strong goal on breaking barriers. I could also spark up a conversation of why you will not see people like me (meaning skin color) on the these huge NYFW Street Style websites. That’s another story. So I felt very appreciated when I was invited to Nandi Madida show. She was definitely breaking barriers.

3p: Nandi Madida Show

So while we are all clapping and praising this walking down the runway, clap and praise us as we make our way to the front row.

So in a way, I honestly began to feel a bit discouraged coming to Fashion Week, but this also added hella fuel to my fire.

Get my look!

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