NYFW Day 2: Samsung x Chromat

DAY 2 of NYFW was a complete success. Despite the snow that began to fall down and drop in the temperature, this city will forever inspire me. I spent my day visiting panel discussions with ladies in the industry and attending an anticipated show: Chromat.

For Day 2, I wanted to be a bit simple, but have that shoe that pops (check out these Topshop boots)! Because I am the queen of layering (I even try in the summer time), it was bit easier for me. Merino wool turtlenecks are my thing and are perfect for the weather. I wanted to go for a semi-androgynous look. Purchasing this men’s blue button down shirt and women’s navy trousers was my idea to give it more of a comfortable look. I absolutely admire wool, so the hat and coat was definitely a plus.

10am: It’s time to get up to attend an event located at Samsung 837 — hosted by WWD Digital Director Sophia Chabbott and included the panelist, Clare O’ Conner (Bumble Editor Director — App created to meet other people with similar interest) and Maria Hatzistefanis (founder of Rodial — Skin Care Line).

11am: Walks to nearest train station and admire the beautiful view — kids playing basketball. Literally, everything I see in the movies.

12pm: I grab coffee from the nearest coffee shop and head over to the Samsung event.

Attending a few panel discussions (one which included the CEO of Alexander Wang), this panel was very inspiring and put a lot of things into perspective for me. Both entrepreneurs spoke about the risk that you have to take when believing in yourself and trusting your process. An interesting part about the Rodial brand was that Kylie Jenner randomly posted on her Instagram of a product from the brand when she was 17 and this caused Rodial’s brand to bring in more business and make Jenner their first ambassador.

Being a blogger, this question was very significant to me.

The host asks them both, ” How do you know when you do partnerships with influencers and celebrities that it is the right fit?”

Rodial: You don’t. It’s a risk. You just have to go with it and try it. There is no guarantee that this collaboration will work. You have to go with your gut.

Clare- Bumble: I think you can look at someone social media history and see if they will be good for your brand but of course, a lot of these influencers are young and you never know if they are gong to exhibit some behavior along the line that is not going to be a fit.

Now it was time for my favorite anticipated part: Chromat

– 4:00pm: The best part was attending the Chromat show. I had never been able to attend a show, but was very excited when I received an RSVP to attend. I admire Chromat as a brand because they include every body/time and skin color and embrace it down the runway.

From models that would be considered as “overweight” in society, to models with darker skin/models with even lighter skin (albino) and even to people that are apart of the LGBT community. It was a great show!

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