New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

This season of New York Fashion Week has been the best season that i’ve experienced. From landing in New York at 8am (Day 2 of #NYFW), switching clothes in the bathroom and heading directly to our first show. Despite the rainy and cold weather, I made sure to make the best out of this trip. From turning up at NYFW after parties — to meeting some amazing people on the front row, it was a complete dream. I was blessed to share this experience with Kimmy! Throughout this post, I will be listing items that I am wearing and posting vlogs to give you a better insight of my experience! This is my New York Fashion Week Recap!

NYFW Day 2:

[Concept Korea, WWD/Danielle Bernstein, Son Jung Wan, Sergio Hudson]

As soon as we landed (at 8am), we got dressed, and I headed to my first show solo (which I missed) :(. Next up, I arrived to a panel event for Lala Anthony hosted by WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) — it ended as soon as I arrived. Afterwards, we headed to the Son Jung Wan show and followed up with Sergio Hudson show that night at 9pm (we even saw Saweetie in attendance).

Technology is making it impossible for me to upload my Recap video — but you can view it here.

- Son Jung Wan

Photos: courtesy of Rodin

- Sergio Hudson

Sergio Hudson 2020

Photos: courtesy of Essence

NYFW Day 3:

[ Hakan Akkaya, Elier Aubret, Danielle Bernstein & Concept Korea V Magazine Sponsored After Party ]

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New York Fashion Week Day 3 was super busy for Kimmy and I. Starting my day off solo at Hakan Akkaya show (located at Pier 59), made my way (meeting up with Kimmy) to a panel event which was hosted by WWD w/ guest blogger/entrepreneur Danielle Berstein. We then headed to Elier Aubret show – located at the Prince George Ballroom. Lastly, we celebrated with Concept Korea’s (view in video 04:18) for their 10th year Anniversary – hosted by V Magazine (of course I had to sneak me a magazine. Earlier that day, we even managed to have our own mini photo-shoot to capture our look!

View video to watch more.

- Hakan Akkaya

Hakan Akkaya - Runway - February 2020 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Photos: courtesy of Getty images

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New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

NYFW Day 4

[ Tibi Presentation, Times Square, Personal Photoshoot ]

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Day 3 kicked our butt, so for Day 4, we took it very easy. We attended Tibi Presentation, roamed around Time Square and had another personal photoshoot.

view video for full experience.

New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

NYFW Day 5

[ Luooif Studio, MOMA Shoot, Sania Maskatiya, YuFash, Ruth Zabetta ]

New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

NYFW Day 5 was a ton of fun! The 3 of us had the opportunity to attend Luooif Studio show together at 9am (so much more fun to attend shows with friends). This collection was everything fashion needed. First word that comes to my mind is: REPRESENTATION. From showcasing different ethnicities, sexualities and genders — this show was very inclusive. For that, I can respect it. Watch the full video (03:11) for the full collection.

- Luooif Studio

LUOOIF STUDIO New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

Photos: courtesy of

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New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

Next up – Sania Maskatiya

Watch my video to see full collection.

Photos: courtesy of Haute

Then – YuFash

Watch my video to see full collection.

- YuFash

Yufash New York Fashion Week Recap 2020

Lastly –  Ruth Zabetta.

Watch my video to see full collection.

- Ruth Zabetta

Ruth Zabetta 2020

Photos: courtesy of DSTNGR

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I hope you enjoyed this New York Fashion Week Recap!

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