Day 6-7 NYFW: My New York Fashion Week Experience

It is February 17 and New York Fashion Week has concluded. I’ve never imagined experiencing New York Fashion Week for an entire week. If I could define my experience of New York Fashion Week using one word, it would be: riveting — quite compelling. Many of you are thinking ‘isn’t fashion week only about looking fashionable and attending shows, right?’ Eh, yes and no.

During my previous year of attendance, I had the fortune to assist shows during Fashion Week, while this year i’m attending them. Being optimistic, hoping next season i’ll be invited.

Consider this your “Tell All” post. I am going to inform you on the “good”, the “the bad” and the “ugly”. (This is solely based off of my personal experience).

The Good:

  1. Fortunately, New York Fashion Week is an occasion which invites people from all backgrounds to enjoy a single interest: fashion. There are no rules or stipulations on how to dress. You naturally come as you are — showcase your style.
  2. Retrieving access to shows is substantially about “who” you know. I had to email over 150+ PR companies for an invitation — convince them why I should be in attendance.
  3. Everyone that you meet at a show is somehow connected within the industry. Fashion shows and after parties is the perfect place to network and potentially make new friends.
  4. Don’t feel dismay if it takes you longer than expected to receive confirmation for shows. The more PR companies you email, the more confirmations you are going to receive. You will even continue to receive RSVP’s during fashion week.



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The Bad/Ugly:

  1. Unfortunately, shows are being held at different venues throughout New York. During previous seasons, NYFW would dedicate one venue to host all shows. If walking is not your forte, consider increasing your transportation budget (about $200). The more people that are traveling with you, the better. If not, try to familiarize yourself with the subway.
  2. From what I’ve experienced, within the first 3 minutes of conversation, I was invariably asked, “So, what is it that you do?” If my reply wasn’t enticing enough to accept, the conversation depleted. However, if my answer did show some sort of interest, a “fake” friendship was beginning to form. Various of people over the years have explained to me that in New York, you have to “fake it until you make it“. Forgive me in advance, but that simply isn’t me. Can I still make it here?
  3. New York is a very dirty and overpriced place. I spent $20 just for 2 small luggage locks and eating out periodically accrue. So, plan your stay in advance. Have an enjoyable place to stay so that you can meal prep — this helps save on money.


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