New York Fashion Week : Day 1 – Day 2: Kate Spade x Chromat x Harpers Bazaar/Saks Fifth Event

Another season and I am blessed to be able to attend New York Fashion Week for another season. The essence of New York reminds me why I need to move here. More than anything, I admire the interactive businesses and the genuine street style. Unlike attending New York Fashion Week in February, this time I stayed in New Jersey (which is about a 30 minute train route — on a good day). I find myself taking long walks, enjoying the scenery — so much different than Atlanta.

Day 1: Moxy Hotel

Am I the only one that participates in other outside activities other than fashion shows?

For Day 1 of New York Fashion Week, I decided to use this day to adjust to New York — constantly reminding myself that it’s okay to live fast-paced here. Went to visit Moxy Hotel where they were hosting a whimsical pop-up event — including high-heeled stiletto ring toss, slides, distorted mirror and other cool interactive games.  

Day 2: Harpers Bazaar x SAKS Event

It’s Day 2 of NYFW and I have so much fun things in store. First stop was to a TownhouseEvent: Sponsored by Harpers Bazaar and SAKS. This townhouse event had 5 floors — 4 floors included themed interior design (great place for Instagram pics). My favorite room was the “cheetah themed” room — where they gave out free customized phone sockets.

The next stop was to 837 Washington Street Samsung building. This is where they host the coolest events — especially during fashion week. Inside of the Samsung building, there are different VR (virtual reality) demos which includes: roller coaster rides, skiing, surfing, etc. This was truly a complete different experience of Virtual Reality for me.

After the viewing of the new Kate Spade collection, the CEO of Kate Spade, Anna Bakst and [ ], Nicola Glass were able to speak up on different topics regarding the Kate Spade brand and their new way of interacting with their consumer. They also briefly spoke about the legacy of Kate Spade herself and a foundation created to help raise money for mental health and suicide prevention.

NYFW Shows was held at The Spring Studios this year and unlike last season, I was super excited to be invited to my very first show: Chromat. If I could use any word to describe this show, it would simply be: astounding. Want to know why? Check back tomorrow for the full Chromat Show story.

If you have not seen my post about the Chromat Show from February 2018 NYFW, check it out here.

Let’s see what Day 3 shall bring.

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