Floral x White

New Years is almost here! 🙂

It is less than 12 hours until New Years and this has been one hell of a year! For those that are like me and consider January 1st as a chance to “reboot”, do just that! Start on your goals and accomplish all that you want. With that being said, this blog post is dedicated to “Doing What You Want”.

“Its not right to wear white after labor day!”

“Why would you wear florals in the winter time? Isn’t that print only for wearing the spring?”

When it comes to living our lives, we have to stop listening to what other people tell us what we should do (and wear). Whenever I would wear white after Labor Day, people would always make side remarks questioning my choice of dress. Honestly, I just prefer going against the grain. This is the exact same mentality I am trying to sustain in 2018. Being dauntless of risk taking, even if that includes failure. The thing about failure is that “failure” doesn’t exist if you don’t let it. Yes, we may toil on something and not have the ending results come as we plan, but lets take that melancholy out and use it as fuel to the fire.

If anyone understands, its me.

So heres to 2018 *cheers*  and I would love to share my 2018 resolution:

In 2018, I will go after EVERYTHING I want and take more risks, even if I am afraid of hearing the word ‘No’.I affirm to invest in building friendships with people and creating the time to invest in myself. Reciting affirmations daily is imperative to manifest words within my life. I commit to volunteer more time to give (in my community) more than I receive. Using yoga and prayer will be practiced for my spiritual healing. I am dedicating my year to assist with my “eating healthier” journey, being more in touch with what toxins are entering my body.


Whats your 2018 New Year resolution? Care to share 🙂



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