Natural Hair Wash-N-Go Routine

I "am" My Hair

I can vividly remember India Arie song, “I Am Not My Hair”. Throughout that song, I remember Arie completely cutting off her hair and stating, “I Am Not My Hair”. As free as she must have felt — I AM MY HAIR. My hair is what makes me… me. I feel like a beautiful queen when I have a successful curly fro and I can feel it bouncing after every step I make. I am my hair and I am not afraid to admit it. For all of my curly girls, I made this post specifically for you. I have recommended this routine to numerous of people and the key product I use daily is the Miracle Curl Leave-In Conditioner by Aussie AND its only $5! So this is my Natural Hair Wash-N-Go .

However, this routine “may” not work for you… and  here’s why:
  • Your curls are not healthy – nor defined. See, it took me 3 years (almost at my curly hair goal) to get to this point. I use to spend hours watching natural hair tutorials and spending loads of money on products just to never receive their results. This was because their curl health was different from mine. I had to train my hair.
  • Due to your curl pattern. For me, thick conditioner works the best — so as soon as I felt the texture, I knew that this was going to be a great product. It is so important to learn your curl pattern and learn what texture/ingredients works the best.

Aussie Natural Hair Product

A little bit about my curls…

Hair Type: 4A

Length to dry: 25-30 minutes

Use of product: Thick conditioner – a lot of product (“a little last a long way” does not work for me by any means necessary). Can’t use product(s) with heavy oils.

Hair Care: Healthy, wash/deep condition weekly


Items Needed:

Okay, Let's Get Into It!


Fill up your spray bottle with water. If you do not have a spray bottle, simply wet your hair. While your hair is wet, finger comb your hair.

Finger comb: using your fingers as a comb — rather than an actual tool.

Dry with cotton t-shirt until your hair is damp.


Apply Aussie Leave In Conditioner. Finger comb the product through your hair. Get all up in there!


Wait to air dry. As your hair drys, volume increases. The bigger the better! For more volume, use a pick comb or wide tooth comb on your roots.


Yes! It is literally this simple and this is a product that I use daily for my Natural Hair Wash-N-Go

Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered ‘how to sleep in perfectly curly hair’, so this is a routine that I do daily (unless styled differently). Again, it took me 3 years to get my curls to get on the same page (they were everywhere due to bleach and heat) and the phases was not always pretty, but I would not have it any other way.

Check out some similar products by Aussie!

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