Music Mon-dayz: Mellow Me Down


I have decided to add another cool weekly post to my blog! I admire music and music gets me through every single step in my life. Truth is, I believe that music is what makes me who I am today (amongst other things). I hope music makes a powerful impact on your life as it does for me.

So, I decided to add a new playlist every Monday! Music right at the tip of your fingers. These playlists are going to consist of many influential artists, as well as upcoming artists — including friends of mine. Check out my very first playlist that I added to my blog titled “Mellow Me Down”.


Ever just want to vibe out while getting some last minute work done — or feel stressed out after a long day of work and need a glass of wine and a smooth playlist? This playlist was made for you! Let me know what you think? As time progress, this playlist will continue to get updated.


Playlist Track-List:

  • Zombie- Jade Novah
  • Sweet Holy Honey- Sango, Xavier Omar
  • Moment to Myself- Diana Gordon
  • Beautiful Little Fools- Jorja Smith
  • No Pain- DJDS
  • Switch- 6lack
  • All to You- Sabrina Claudio
  • Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl- Wet
  • Teenage Blue- Dreamgirl
  • Northface- ODIE
  • Cheated- Pascaal
  • Brain- Banks
  • Blunt- Esther Kirabo
  • Borders- St. Beauty
  • Disconnect- Clean Bandit
  • Down- Chloe x Halle
  • PCH- Jaden Smith
  • The Legend Of- Diana Gordon
  • Loved by You- Kirby
  • Warm Winds- SZA
  • Too Young- Diana Gordon
  • Velvet- Stormzy
  • 3 Months- Shay Lia
  • With Me- DVSN
  • 9- Willow Smith ft. SZA
  • Savior- Tenny Rudolph
  • Untitled- Tenny Rudolph
  • Back in Time- Tenny Rudolph


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