Monochrome + Blogging + Dream Job: Real Chat

Let’s chat blogging + dream job. I know I am not the only one that is constantly struggling with finding my ultimate “dream job”. I ask myself constantly, “what is it that you want to dedicate your life to for the rest of your life?” You are absolutely lucky if you are able to answer this question.

Being apart of the “blogger” community  has been a bit difficult at times. I am a stickler for remaining true to myself while sharing experiences within my life — bad or good. No, our lives does not have to consist of perpetual international flights or a closet stocked with $5,000 worth of handbags. It took me a while to sort out the real and fake bloggers. I recently read a story about a well-known blogger which was arrested for credit card scam (all to maintain her luxury appearance). I have also spoke to bloggers about their path to success and learned along the way that renting merchandise to shoot their content helped their career. This is when I began to second-guess this community. But then…

I realized that every blogger isn’t so FAKE.



When I am asked, “what is your dream job,” I always stumble with words. I have been struggling with this for the past few years — consistently asking myself, “what is your dream job? What could you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?” I often feel like I am creatively fluent in various areas that I refuse to limit myself to ONLY one thing. It would be impossible for me to be content with life.


I want to be able to consistently travel… especially internationally. Viewing different scenery of the world is mandatory for me.

  • Fashion is a passion. Yes, it is cool to dress cute, but there is just so much more to fashion. From fashion show coordination/production, working backstage or even attending shows on behalf of a company.
  • I enjoy creating content and work very well in Adobe editing softwares. I create all of my graphics and edit all of my visual content — and have so much fun doing it.

It can be overwhelming at times, and even fuck with your mental health.



Religious or not, I learned that you must take a step back, worry less and let God. What is for you, will be for you. WAIT YOUR TURN. Trust me! I know that this is easier said than done, but the you worry, the more stress you’ll add. This is an on-going battle that I am slowly dealing with, but i’m not too worried anymore.

[Disclaimer: I am still working on taking my own advice that I give]

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