Sunnies x Sneakers & Mental Cleanse

I have not posted in a while and if I’m honest — sometimes life just gets in the way. I’ve retracted away from Instagram for a while — simply because I began to notice the lack of genuineness. It seemed that the way to create was to “fake it to make it”.  So.. I needed to take a mental cleanse.


I removed people from my life that was toxic and brought negativity. I took a break from social media and consumed more information dealing with politics (I felt my inner Symone Sanders coming out). I began to speak up more for anything that didn’t bring me joy. Sometimes you just need a mental cleanse.


I began to compliment strangers and surrounded myself around nature more. I began to create the work environment I wanted more . I began to pray more. I began to speak less and listen more. I began to learn how to become my own “goals” instead of living my life through others more. I began to demand more. I began to learn to love more (I am the ultimate grudge holder). I began to practice yoga more. I began to write out how life makes me feel more. I began to travel more.


I began to compare myself to others less.

I began to make unrealistic goals less.

I began to work harder and complain less.

I began listen more and talk less.





So, stay true to yourself.

Let go sometimes to regroup yourself.

It’s needed.


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