NYFW Day 5: Matte Brand x Glossier x Elaine Welteroth

Day 5 NYFW: Matte Brand x Glossier x Elaine Welteroth

As of today, unfortunately I realized when I am in another territory (even if I am with someone), I get socially awkward. Back home in Atlanta, its a bit easier for me to approach people, start a conversation and exchange contact information.

(Disclaimer: The quote “you look good” was attached to the mirror in Glossier showroom.)

Being socially awkward can prevent you from meeting the right people — especially if you’re in a territory that you’re not use to. Its like my body automatically shuts down — I dislike it. Networking to me gets tiring. Where can I go and just meet genuine people? I don’t want to know what you do, nor your goals in 10 years. Sometimes, I just want to vibe and have great convo — lets grab a coffee and talk about anything. Maybe its just me. Therefore, I was going to my first potential networking event for the day — Matte Brand.

Matte Brand is a brand that I have been following for a very long time. I remember following Briana Wilson on Instagram and admiring her full body suit that she sold with the slit at the bottom. Tuesday was the perfect day to explore the city. Getting on a train and just taking random stops. So I was pretty hype when I heard about this event, being that I missed her pop-up shop in Atlanta.

Wilson’s Siren collection just released today which was hosted at YUI gallery. On the walls, Wilson  displayed framed pictures from the collection.

I would definitely describe her collection as being “seductive” in the woman’s body. Wilson’s clothes are made to make you feel ’empowered’ and ‘sexy’.

As I left the Matte Brand presentation, I began to notice numerous of pedestrians pacing down the street holding Glossier clear bags. Thanks to Google, Glossier was only a 5 minute walk away.

Let me just explain how beautiful the showroom is! The countertops are marble and the color palette is soft.

The best part is that everyone that works their are all wearing a pink scientist lab uniform.

Every product that is offered online is also available in the showroom. The advantage allows you to be able to physically test it out.


6:00p: Barnes and Noble Rowan Blanchard Still Here book signing. During this event, Rowan Blanchard and Elaine Welteroth participated in a conversation about inspiration, politics and going through depression as a teen. So young. So vulnerable.

(Picture from: Rowan Blanchard personal Instagram)

One thing said by Blanchard stuck with me:

“You’re always looking for proof of existence”

After the panel discussion, it was time for pictures! So blessed to have met one of my biggest inspirations in life. Elaine’s level of humbleness comforted me. This moment will go down in history.

Check out this cool Boomerang with me and the I.C.O.N Elaine Welteroth.



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  1. WOW I can relate. Many times I’m faced with that awkward moment where I don’t feel like I belong but I’m learning to step out of my comfort zone.

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