life update.

Well, I’m back. I can vividly remember the last time I used the quote “I can’t promise to be consistent at this”. Over the past few months, I have been feeling like a welted flower… finally blooming. Through this process of growth, I’ve experienced failing at finding time for myself, questioning my confidence and learning how it truly feels to understand your purpose. Let me tell you…  it was definitely an experience.

I know what you are probably thinking.

“You take too many breaks!”

One minute I find myself becoming consistent with blogging, then the next, I am on a 6 months hiatus. Truth is… I just simply did not know how to balance life. I went from switching job paths (same industry but different), to having a health scare, to finding another opportunity that could not have came at a better moment.

When the doctor explain to you that your blood work results could lead you to a heart attack due to lack of sleep, being overly stressed, not consistently exercising and barely consuming 1 cup of water a day… RUN. Leave your situation because stress KILLS. After that — I realized that my life is more valuable than a temporary opportunity. 3 months later, received a call on Sept. 25 with results on updated bloodwork and ya’ girl is healthy — by the grace of GOD!

See. This year I learned 3 VERY valuable lessons:

1. Self care is best care. This sounds so cliche’, but take it from me “NO ONE is going to care about your well being more than you. So if you could care less about your well-being, others could give a shit crap.

2. KNOW YOUR WORTH. When you understand what you are TRULY worth overall — opportunities hit differently.

3. TRUST THE UNIVERSE. I have always been spiritual. Yoga & meditation is KEY in my life. The universe will never lead you in the wrong path once you form that connection. 

I know you’re probably wondering… so what’s the update? Well, since you asked 🙂

1. God has blessed me with a new opportunity. “new job, who this” and I am in a position where I can commit to be consistent with blogging — especially since I want to take it a different direction. My blog will be centered around FAITH, FASHION and TRAVEL, (travel plans coming soon). I miss working with brands and creating content. Sorta feeling like a passion. I may include a little fitness on here also.

If you’re interested, stay around!

2. I have grown and executed a love for set design… which I will also share my work on here. Spending hours in Home Depot/LOWES and Michaels are the most relaxing moments to me. I will also be sharing my journey. 

3. I started a Partnership business with a great dear friend of mine — TyShamone (Tyler). Her faith in God inspired me so much and I truly believe everyone comes into your life for a reason. I would like to introduce you to: ZIVA (support and subscribe).

 ZIVA specializes in contemporary/unique hand selected and designed pieces! Never in a million years would I have thought that I would become passionate in jewelry. We have worked day-in/day-out (for the past 6 months) on this project and we have a vision that is so far fetched for this brand!

Follow ZIVA on IG to stay updated — also, subscribe to our newsletter. More details coming soon 🙂

If you care enough, follow my journey and always remember… the universe ALWAYS has your back!


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