Launching a Blog: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Pt. 2

Launching A Blog

Hey Yall! If you're here -- that a good sign. That means that you are still interested in starting your blog and that makes me happy. Welcome to Launching A Blog: Pt. 2

If you haven’t read Launching a Blog: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners Pt. 1, head on over to learn how to ‘purchase your website domain’ and ‘finding the perfect blog name’.

In this post, you are going to learn how to choose the right hosting company & the right theme/layout for your website.

Choosing the right hosting company

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What is hosting? To put it in simple terms, hosting is simply the company you use to run your website. I have been using WordPress (but used Go-Daddy as a third-party) for about 4 years now. When finding the right hosting, you want to check for:

  • Monthly Price List
  • # of Visitors cap (the number of people that can visit your site. Cheaper options will allow up to 25,000 visitors.
  • Support (providing a 24/7 number to call if you have any issues)
  • Theme customizations (very important). This depends on your level of website building. If you are great with coding — you want to make sure the hosting company offers website building from scratch. If the drag-and-drop option better suites you — you want to make sure that the hosting company offers that. Fortunately, GoDaddy offers both options.


What is a theme? In simple terms — A theme is simply the layout of your blog — how you want your blog to physically look. There are plenty of ways for you to choose your theme. Google “Free WordPress Themes” and check out the links. I’ve listed my top 3 websites to visit for free themes.


If you do not have experience in coding (customizing a theme) what you see within a theme is what you will get (majority of the time).


I have listed an example for what is a “theme” below. Before downloading a theme, read about the specifics that comes with the theme.

Before downloading a theme, check for:

  • Colors/Fonts: Make sure the colors & fonts that is displayed on the theme resonates with your style.
  • Header/Menu: Check to see the layout of the header — make sure it is customizable if you love the theme, but dislike the header.
  • Page Layout: The layout for your blog posts will be very important. Make sure it displays to your liking.
WordPress Theme

See ya next week for Part 3 !

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