Launching a Blog: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Pt. 1

Hi! If you're here that means that you are interested in launching a blog and/or maybe not quite sure where to start!

No worries! I am here to tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know for launching a blog. I’ve been blogging roughly for about 4 years and just relaunched this November. Learning about the “blogging community” is more to it than I imagined (yes, it’s an entirely different world — many people have no idea about). With any industry comes meeting people that loves to withhold information – rather than sharing it. I’m the complete opposite. Whatever information that I have that could benefit you, I am 100% willing to give (however, leechers (ones that wants information but never share) are not welcomed. 

This series will be broken into '4' parts:

  1. PartI: Deciding what to blog about (choosing a name + niche) + purchasing a domain
  2. PartII: Choosing the right hosting company + Choosing a theme/layout for your blog
  3. PartIII: Adding Necessary Widgets/Pages + How to create/edit content
  4. PartV: Writing Your First Post + Publishing your first post (SEO + Blog Post Ideas)

What are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it!

Launching a blog

Part I: Deciding what to blog about (choosing a name + niche) + Purchasing a domain

Blogging is all about sharing information for what you are passionate about: whether it’s food, fashion, styling tips, solo-traveling, being a mama bear or even sharing information about a simple interest. Choose what you are passionate about the most — then the writing will naturally follow. For me, I use my blog as a journal — writing is my outlet to express how I feel.

Challenge: Visit 10 of your favorite bloggers website — take notes on topics that they are informing their readers about. Emailing them with any questions that you may have is always a good choice. The best teacher is someone that is doing what you inspire to do.

Choosing A Name:

For Toasted Leather, I used a word generator. A word generator is a system that will show you random words — depending on your niche. Use Google for this by typing “Fashion Word Generator” or “Blog Name Word Generator“. I wrote a list of words that spoke to me and within 2 weeks later, ‘Toasted” & “Leather” made perfect sense to me.

Purchasing a Domain:

A domain is basically your website. In my case, my domain would be “”. You can purchase your domain from hundreds of websites. For me, I use GoDaddy (home for the .99c domains). After a year, you’ll be paying from $11.99 – $17.99 a year for your domain. 

Find your domain (here).

I have used other companies for obtaining my domain, however, I genuinely love GoDaddy and have been using them for 5+ years.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a name and purchase a domain! See you next week for Part 2!

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