Influenster x Smashbox Cosmetics

As an upcoming blogger, it is very vital for me to work with brands that I value, can appreciate and trust. So, I was super stoked to receive my first package from Influester with Smashbox Cosmetics.

Influenster is an app (also a website), mainly used for bloggers to have the opportunity to collaborate with different brands, while reviewing their products. I was super excited to receive the Superfan Fanned Out – Black mascara, especially since wearing mascara is a daily requirement of mine. I have purchased multiple brands of mascara; from Dior, e.l.f., Chanel and even beauty supply mascara, hoping to find the right one to suit my needs. So this is my pure honest review. No false advertisements. No bullshit.

When I first received my full size mascara, I was excited about the weight and fullness of it. When bloggers are sent items to test out, it is hard to tell who is truly being genuine with their review and who is reviewing products just to receive complimentary products. As a blogger, being genuine means a lot to me. With that, I genuinely love this mascara.

If this product failed you, would you still review it?

Yes. I genuinely admire Influenster because they ask that you give your honest opinion and inform others. I am a lover for mascara, so I would never want to steer anyone in the wrong direction over a complimentary product.

My review:

The Smashbox Superfan mascara lasts me all day and create fullness to my eyelashes. One main concern that I have with different mascara brands is the removal of it. I use a cotton ball and coconut oil which works well with removing any form of make-up, while other mascara pull off my hairs when removing. I have not had a bad experience with the removal of this mascara. Retailed at $19, it is truly worth it. I have previously spent over $30 on designer mascara because I believed that “you get what you pay for” and all you are doing is paying for the name. For me, I rarely wear full makeup. So, eyeliner and mascara for me is a daily MUST, which is why I recommend this mascara.

Try it out for yourself. Tell me what you think!

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