How To: Layering for Fall

The best things about Fall weather is the ART of layering!

The best thing about Fall weather is the ART of layering. This is the chance that you can actually get creative with the way you dress. Layering truly isn’t a hard thing — through trial and error. Let me give you my top tips for layering!

You must have staple pieces that fits your body type perfectly. It’s hard to layer without. These staple pieces includes: neutral color turtleneck(s), an oversized blazer, a fashion belt (textured or patterned), a fedora hat and a mini skirt of your liking.

Layering for Fall Fashion
  1. START OFF WITH A BASE. For this particular outfit that I have, I started with a black wool turtleneck and my favorite ruffled mini skirt. This look can also work with a plain mini-skirt. 

2. LAYER WITH CLOTHING PIECES. I added this burnt orange sweater (purchased from Forever21) and layered it on top of my Black turtleneck — adding more color. You can get this look by layering a V-neck oversized sweater that is an offset color or pattern.

Layering for Fall - Fashion

3. GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR ACCESSORIES. Add on that spunky belt you have, a fedora hat and any other ‘mellow’ accessories you may have. Accessorize with your favorite minimal jewelry pieces. 

4. ADD YOUR SHOES + MAKE IT FASHUN. For me personally, I love high boots (its all I wear in the Fall). But sport this look in your favorite all white classic sneaker or animal print boot!

Get my look below

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