How To Attend NYFW

How To Attend NYFW

A couple of days after attending New York Fashion Week, I put up a post asking you all to submit any questions that you may have in regards to how to attend NYFW — especially for a micro-influencer. Due to the vast response, I thought creating a post would be most informative. I decided to share different tips and suggestions on how to attend to make the most out of this fashionable experience.

Question #1: How much does it cost to travel to NYFW?

How to Attend NYFWFor this trip – for travel and stay, the 2 of us spent a total of: $964.79 together ($482.40/ea.). We purchased plane tickets 5 months in advance for $167.96 two-way (I rock with Southwest because this price includes 2 free bags – desperately needed for Fashion Week).

We stayed at Row NYC  (Time Square) and spent a total of $628.87 for a 4-night stay ($157/night). We booked our hotel about 4 -5 months in advance. Keep in mind, hotels are roughly starting at $300/night the closer it gets to NYFW – so plan in advance. We booked through a site called Booking — this allowed us to book a room early and was able to pay the day we arrived. Depending on where you live, be prepared to spend more or less.

It was very important to me to cut these costs as much as possible — especially with all my travel plans this year. The earlier you book for your trip, the cheaper and ‘a bit’ less stressful it can be  – view budget below!

How to Attend NYFW - Budget

Question #2: Okay, so how are you able to attend shows? (mostly requested)

How To Attend NYFWLet’s keep it real! If you want to attend NYFW ‘just’ to attend, it’s not happenin’ (yes, that’s slang) — unless you are very well connected. You must convince designers PR companies ‘why they should allow you to be in attendance’. So in better terms, “Wth can you do for us?” Unless you are a well known editor, influencer or someone with a platform (specific to fashion), it AINT happenin’. For me, I use my blog as a way for me to attend. Okay, let me really break it down for you.

Within 2-3 weeks before NYFW, you can find the schedule here — or simply by googling ‘NYFW schedule’. On the schedule will list each designer and the show’s time. It is then up to you to do some hardcore…. research. Find the PR companies for those given designers email address and send them an informative email. This email should consist of your platform, statistics, professional content and reason for attending. I would also recommend that you also attach your ‘Press Kit’ – see mine above.

[Tip: once you are in the database, you MAY automatically get an email each season with an invitation to that designer’s show – the best perk.]

Question #3: How did you determine what to pack?

Each season that I get to attend NYFW, I always create different mood-boards via Pinterest for what “vibe” I want to go for. I shop at thrift stores (primary) and online for majority for the outfits I wear. This season, I was honored to receive clothing pieces from different brands to wear. Creating a NYFW Packing Checklist is always a plus.

Question #4: How much money should I bring with me?

For me, I love to ‘ball on a budget’. New York has train transportation that you can use ($33 for Unlimited 7-day use). Train transportation was our main way, however, we still budgeted $75 for Uber/Lyft services for those after-parties and times we were running late to shows — it was convenient for us to hop in a Lyft.

Naturally, I tend to only eat when i’m ‘hangry’. I am not a ‘foodie’ by any means and can live off of 1 meal and a snack per day. So, I decided to pack breakfast bars and small snacks that I am able to keep in my purse to eat throughout the day. Our hotel provided us with complimentary daily breakfast (tea, a fruit, bagel and 2 boiled eggs). That was enough to get me started. I typically ate twice a day – once for breakfast and once at night. My food budget was: $50 (I had money left over). I know what you’re thinking, but TRUST me! There is no time to sit and eat during NYFW (unless you plan an off day).

Again, due to my travel plans this year (trips all 2020), I did not budget any money to go shopping. I window shopped the entire trip. I am that girl that would spend the rest of my money for a new pair of shoes — rather than a meal to eat. However, travel priorities have switch this year – this caused for saving my coins when needed.

Moral of this question: Everything about NY is expensive. Budget according to your comfort and needs. Transportation, convenient hotel & outfits were my investments this season. Everything else was of unimportance. 

Question #5: Okay, I sent my emails. Now what?

This part can get a little stressful. This is why this is important to begin to send your emails in advance. This is the most stressful waiting game (well, there’s worse). You should be receiving emails approving or denying your request (you can receive an approval email up until the day before the show). And if you get denied, it’s okay — it happens to the best of us.

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