How I Created My Street Style Look for NYFW Day 3

My experience for New York Fashion Week has come to an end. For my last day experiencing this event, my friends and I decided to wear our inspired “Street Style” look. This consisted of finding things in my closet that I’ve never worn and sprucing it up. Personally, I am not the one that believes in spending a lot of money on clothes — being that my taste changes sporadically (accessories and shoes is another story).

I previously purchased a baby pink hoodie from Topshop for $20 (an old job of mine) and decided to cut it to make it crop with raw ends. My skirt was purchased from H&M for $10 specifically for a trip to Cuba which I didn’t end up wearing. I purchased a men’s blazer back in February for Fashion Week and couldn’t find anything to wear with it. As far as my shoes, you can purchase them for $30 from Target below.

Truth is, you don’t have to have a lot of money to get your desired look. Many times, we already have everything that we need in our closet — it may just need a bit of sprucing up.


Get my look.


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