Gone With the Wind

Now lets talk fashion.


When it comes to style, I like to play around with things I normally wouldn’t wear. However, LAYERING is a must for me. It’s Fall time and I can interestingly enough feel the weather here in Atlanta. I have owned this slit dress for some time now and believe it or not, I usually only wear it when i’m going to bed (anyone else out there admires fashion while picking out what their wearing for bed?). So, I thought that this deserved to be worn out especially since I was obsessed with owning a slit dress of some sort. Normally when I saw someone wearing a slit dress, it was the normal way… simple slit dress, nice heel. For one, its rare that I can be simple and for two, I rarely wear heels (with an exception for heeled boots… as I am pictured with them below).


The cool thing about wearing a slit dress is that its an item that you can wear seasonal. For the winter time, layer it with hoodie underneath and throw on some suede sock ankle boots. If you’re feeling a bit fashion forward, you can even add a cool pair of thick ankle socks.

I feel that owning your own style is very important. It gives you this whole level of confidence that makes other people even notice. I believe that if you feel that you look good, then you’ll do good.



Back in my college days, my roommate would always tell me, “I wish I could just walk on campus and dress like you. I am too scared for that!” (mind you, as a college student, my fashion was sometime a little overboard). THAT is when I realized firsthand that people like that really do exist. People are afraid to truly be themselves and create the character they want before stepping out. You are honestly never going to be happy that way.



Moral of the story: Do what makes YOU happy. It sounds so clique, but it is so very true.


… and don’t forget to smile


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