Girls’ Night In

Girls' Night In! Girl TalkTYLER: My ace since the 5th grade. My soul sista’. The missing piece to my puzzle. My cheerleader. My support system. My counselor/therapist. My non-judgemental beautiful friend. You adventurous soul. You patient extraordinary mother. You considerate wife. You fearless blogger. You sincere, reliable, loyal confidant. D***, I thank God for you each day.

Then, there’s me. Feeling that I always have to hold it together. Emotional wreck in private but strong willed in the view of others. Determined and self-driven. Lover of all things woman – constantly feeling the need to prove myself – to myself. Empathetic and understanding and still struggling to find my path through this convoluted world. 


There is nothing like having a Girl’s Night In! A safe space to kick our feet up, sip on multiple glasses of wine (two, bottles to be exact) and have intimate deep conversations — knowing no matter how explicit my secrets are, they are safe. Dancing to throwbacks until the morning time, reciting every word of “Crank That Soulja Boy” as if we were reliving our “ratchet” high school days. Having our own mini-photoshoot in the bathroom’s vintage designed tub at 1am drunk out of our minds (who did we think we were?), while playing Solange  ‘A Seat at the Table’ on the record player. Forgetting about every responsibility that we had but living in the moment as if it was our last.

honestly… we both deserved it.

Girl's Night! Girl Talk

Each day we wake up, we are battled with pressure. Pressure to be the hardest worker at work. Pressure to be the best wife. Pressure to be the best mother. Pressure to be a great friend. Pressure to be financially stable. Pressure to provide. Pressure to pay these damn college loans. Pressure to prove to the world that we are more than just space. Pressure to live on the right path. What happens when the pressure is just too much to mentally handle?

- [ GOD has a way of bringing people back into your life at a time you didn't know you needed them the most. ]

Girls' Night In! Girl Talk

After eating those amazing hot wings, taking multiple trips to the liquor store, making our 10 minute appearance debut in the nearest strip club (don’t judge us), having our own mini photo shoot, listening to each other struggles (while also confiding in each other) and dancing for hours like two high-school kids, I would re-live every minute over again.

Take it from me. Grab your girls and plan a Girls’ Night In (but, make it consistent).

It’s the best decision you can make.

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