Girl Power: Staying True to Yourself

Its Day 19 of the new year and I am loving the girl power vibes!

I’ve been struggling lately with balancing blogging, while also staying true to myself (which explains my lack of posts recently). I follow so many influencers and (maybe it’s just me) but I cant seem to feel relatable to many of them. We are all humans and we all go through struggles. So, whats so wrong with sharing that? Its so amazing to see individuals become successful bloggers, but you never really hear any “bragging” of their struggle period.



I’m not asking people to spill out all their life problems, but at least make us feel that it is normal to NOT have everything in your life together. If you don’t hear it from anyone else… hear it from me first! Success is a process.




























Since we are speaking of “struggles”, why don’t I open up a bit and share my top 3 struggles that I currently face.

Struggle #1: As a blogger, I never want to come off as my life being “perfect”. I appreciate those that message me to tell me that, but that is not my intention. I simply enjoy traveling. Some bloggers forcefully do it for content and me? I simply do it to maintain my sanity (I never travel for luxury. I travel to simply learn, educate and understand locals way of life). Fashion? Its just simply my way to express myself. I enjoy every aspect of it; from understanding fabrics/fibers, learning about different silhouettes, even working around the manufacturing process.

Struggle #2: As some know, I suffer bad from anxiety. The older I got, the worse my symptoms began to get. I refuse to take medicine for it, but use things as; prayer, yoga and meditation to cope. My anxiety comes from pressure that I tend to put on myself on a daily basis. Watching magazine editors and fashion week coordinators lives while comparing mine isn’t healthy living and have negatively impacted me in many ways. What can I say? Something about tough love.

Struggle #3: As a 24 year old, I have a hard time believing that its normal to NOT have 10k in your savings, NOT live in an all glass loft, NOT drive around in a black matte Jeep, NOT travel international monthly and NOT be working your dream job. Again, the pressure we put on ourselves FINANCIALLY can be a burden. But, stay in your own lane and ride at your own pace.

 Now, on to fashion. Thanks to @elainewelteroth (former Teen Vogue editor), I am obsessed with my white boots (cant you tell from my last 2 outfit posts). I stumbled upon my new found favorite store, Bershka, when visiting Colombia (this is where I purchased these pants and houndstooth jacket from — they have an amazing sale going on).
I am a stickler for blazer jackets and hoodies. It gives me a comfy-urban feel and look. Being that I have tons of girl power (and feminist) t-shirts, I definitely had to add this to my look!
Get the look — or similar!

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  1. I love this like really love this! I struggle with all three but I tell myself daily its all apart of the process. My ultimate goal is to share my struggle because everything isn’t perfect!

  2. I can relate to all three, but I decided to just live. I’m doing everything I can to be responsible and still live my dreams, it won’t be easy but we got this girly! I loved this post and your layering is amazing!! 💕

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