Girl Power: Playlist

You gotta appreciate Girl Power!

I admit, I have been slacking excessively when it comes to releasing these monthly playlists. However, for this playlist specifically, I wanted to make sure that this playlist flows exactly anticipated. I want this playlist to be every women’s “go-to” playlist whenever they need that additional motivation. If you enjoy music just as much as I appreciate it, you’ll definitely vibe to the different artists that is featured on this playlist. From Ibeyi “No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms” to Feels “They Need Us”, you are sure to vibe out to this playlist.

I do not label myself as a ‘feminist’ and no I am not ‘anti-men’ (despite the tone in some songs), I have a strong passion for women empowerment. It’s like… when we link, we create a strong force.

Check this playlist out. Tell me what you think! 🙂



New playlist coming monthly!

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