Faux Fur Bum Bag

Winter is coming to an end and what better way than to share a DIY project I recently created: a faux fur bum bag. I know what many of you are thinking, “who still wear those?” I do… and you should too. Let me tell you why!



Since the year began, i’ve began to learn more and more about myself. One of which, I learned that by partaking in DIY projects, it puts me in a peaceful place (especially having the free will to create). If you are similar, I would recommend that you to create something that you have always wanted to own. It becomes cool when you can add creations to your closet.

In my case, I decided to create a bum bag!

Let me explain.

1. Bum bags, better known as fanny-packs are the most fashionable bag to carry your personal items around in. They come in all different shapes, sizes and textures.

2. Bum bags are created to be fashionable and functional, therefore, you can spice up any outfit while wearing them.

3. They are SUPER comfortable (most of the time, I forget that its even there) !

4. They make a bold statement.  Man Repeller shows you the different ways you can wear/style them!

5. If you are a traveler like me, these make the best travel purses (especially going through security — it can be a pain).

6. You can sneak anything in them. Okay, not anything. But definitely snacks at the movie theatre :).



Bum bags is definitely a trend that I am wearing throughout the year (hopefully I can grow my collection, even if I have to make it on my own) and it should be for you too!

So, whenever you just need to be at a relaxed state, try making something that you can wear. But start off with a bum bag!

1. Faux Fur Cross Fanny pack_Light Brown • $61 – A new way to wear a bum bag is on the front of the body. I love the oversize look.
2. Faux Fur Cross Fanny Pack_Black • $61
3. Faux Fur Bum Bag With Adjustable Strap • Romwe • $6.99
4. Faux Fur Bum Bag With Adjustable Strap • Romwe • $6.99

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