Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Mother Nature has blessed us with Fall weather — after hearing constant complaining about Atlanta’s summer heat. Fall just may be my favorite season — only for fashionable purposes. This is the season where we are able to layer pieces and show off our true fashionable style. The survival tip to know in order to have great Fall Fashion this season is to invest in staple pieces.

I’ve listed my top 5 recommended staple pieces below!

(click on each item below to read why I recommended each)

100% Wool Turtlenecks are my go-to staple. Layering a turtleneck with your favorite faux leather skirt or even that cute pair of Mom jeans that you own just works. I am truly obsessed with turtlenecks and own all neutral colors (black, grey, cream, brown and white) and feel that you should too.

Hats are not for everyone — however, they can be for you! My favorite thing about fedoras is: they are designed in different sizes and available for affordable prices. Fedora hats truly add that special touch to any outfit for this season!

There is nothing more appealing than an amazing pair of knee high (or thigh high) boots — especially for this season. Owning a basic black pair and a risqué pair with a cool print, will definitely help you navigate fashionably through this Fall.

Have you ever tried on a men’s blazer? Don’t you just love that oversized fit and warm feel? A blazer is a STAPLE for year-round. Score a plain oversized-fit black blazer (check local thrift shop before purchasing elsewhere) and you won’t regret it!

I will admit — finding a pair of trousers that fits perfectly for your body-type can definitely be a hassle. As much as I love to save money when it comes to shopping for staples, sometimes you do just have to spend a little extra when you come across a piece that fits perfectly! There is no better feeling than to throw on a basic turtleneck with your favorite trousers to finish off with a premium pair of knee-high-boots to hit the city! Finish up with chic accessories and layer with fav coat. Makes getting dressed so much fun and fast!

Take a look at some of my favorite Fall Fashion items I found below!

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