The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to Colombia (pt2)

If you have read my previous post The Essential Guide to Traveling to Colombia, South America Pt.1 then you are on the right track. If you have not, definitely check it out before continuing.

Mentioned in my previous blog post, traveling to Colombia was one of the best experiences i’ve had this year. My trip included: traveling to different cities, experimenting with the food, zip-lining and the best one of them all: laying next to the beach . Another city i’ve visited is called Cartagena. Cartagena is a beautiful city, surrounded by so much history. Only staying in Cartagena for three days, it was more than enough time for me to get as much out of Cartagena as I could.



Landing in Cartagena, we stayed at this amazing Airbnb with an SUPERB view. Leaving our apartment (Airbnb), we were surrounded by multiple pools and a beautiful beach. This is when I knew that I would spend most of my time there. My mornings consisted of waking up around 6:30a, walking out to the beach, along with a great read. During this trip, I was reading Hannibal Lecter (a book my sister let me borrow years ago and I was just beginning to read it consistently). Why would I read a thriller while “vacationing” on a peaceful beach? #QuestionsThat NeedAnswers



During the main part of my trip, I was able to visit Cartagena de Indias. Cartagena de Indias was surrounded by colorful architecture and history. Being approached by so many vendors that was dying to sell me numerous of products for expensive prices, I had to stand my ground and continue to deny.



The best part about visiting Cartagena is walking around enjoying the scenery and visiting different places to eat. One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is Crepes and Waffles. In America, you cannot discriminate by sex or race when it comes to hiring people for your business. For Crepes and Waffles, they began by strictly hire JUST single mothers. I thought that this was a pretty cool concept. Crepes and Waffles only serve dishes that is made with crepes. From curry chicken (made inside of a crepe) to shredded beef and sauce (made inside of a crepe) to EVEN finishing off with a strawberry and ice cream crepe.



Things you should know when traveling to Cartagena:

  1. Vendors will try to overcharge you (be sure to stand your ground). What started off as a $35USD hat that I wanted to purchase, ended with me paying $20USD.
  2. Visit the beach early in the morning (before 11a) if you want a peaceful experience. If you visit anytime after, you will be approached by local that will try to convince you why you should spend $6USD for a neck massage (use that money for a full course meal — its that cheap).
  3. For me, Cartagena is a very relaxed place to visit. Enjoy the scenery and pack fashionably (there will be lots of places to visit to take pictures).
  4. Don’t have cash? Don’t worry! There are a lot of places that accepts card (NOT vendors). Check in with your bank to check for any extra fees.
  5. Enjoy and RELAX! Promise yourself that you will not do any work on your trip. I felt super safe here. Walk the beach at night, read a book on your patio and enjoy your view.


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