Style: Bomber and Beads

“Life is about trusting your gut, taking chances, being positive, learning from the past and realizing everything changes, no matter what you do”.

Growing up, it was always hard for me to accept change. From trying different foods, to attending different schools; I always wanted things that were a routine (maybe my stubborn ways would not allow me to dip into my adventurous ways just yet). As years passed, I began to place myself into uncomfortable situations which would allow me to break out of my routine life. One of which: being in front of a camera.

Having people take pictures of me have always been out of my comfort zone. Whether I was at a concert taking a selfie with friends or taking a picture for the school’s year book; it has never been a favorite thing of mine.

I began to appreciate fashion at a very young age. Capturing fashion and details would soon become a passion of mine. Even if it required me being in front of a camera.

Get my look!

Eyelet Bomber Jacket — Topshop

Arlete Front-Pocket Pullover — Guess

Arlete Sweater Midi Skirt — Guess

Studded Boot — Topshop

Handbag — Kate Spade

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