Becoming Spiritual

These past 5 months, I have weirdly been growing this relationship with God — genuinely (without anyone forcing me to) and it sure as hell feels good. I went to a church that a friend invited me to — without knowing that was the day that my outlook on Christianity would change. On this particular day was a speaker, Lee Strobel. Strobel has a movie (and book) on Netflix that was based on his life.



To summarize the movie — it was based on Strobel and his wife, who were atheists. An unfortunate situation happened to their daughter, almost causing her to die. With the help of a nurse helping their daughter and mentioning ‘it was by the grace of God’, Strobel wife soon began to learn about Christianity (attending church, hanging out with Christians, etc). Strobel, however, disagreed with his wife beliefs and told her “if you don’t leave “Christianity” alone, I want a divorce”.

Fast-Forward: Strobel, being a journalist, has written plenty of stories for newspapers. He was a fact-checker and knew how to prove people wrong. He traveled the world for  years speaking to historians, professors, visiting tombs, etc in hopes to prove to his wife that ‘Jesus’ isn’t real. At the end — he could not prove that ‘Jesus was a myth’. THAT — was the moment it hit me. This has to be true. I think I want a relationship with God.

Many people can agree with me on this: finding yourself spiritually is hard. You grow up raised in ‘church’ believing that Christianity have so many rules, so then you stray away from it or you surround yourself around “what you think” are Christians and disagree with their way of life so yet again, you stray away from it.


A moment I will never forget: as a young girl, attending Sunday school was mandatory for my household. Our Sunday school teacher said one thing to me — little did he know, that would stick with me forever. “I was 35 years old when I found Jesus.” Simple. I knew at that moment, that it’s okay to go at your own pace.

I’m not a “churchy” girl by any means necessary.

I curse when a car cut me off. I am best friends with Tequila. I rap to Trina when I hear her old music, but bounce to Solange when i’m feeling mellow. I am not the first one in church and definitely not the last one to leave. I don’t read the bible daily and some nights after a 10 hour workday, I forget to pray and thank God for life….. for existence.

Life should be about being genuine — transparent; not being afraid to tell your story.  I’m a working progress and I am DAMN sure proud of the steps that I am taking. I speak about ‘religion’ with a lot of people and sometimes it’s a very touchy subject. But on this road to “building a genuine relationship with God’, I learned that it takes time. In the process, people are going to force “bible talk” and “you need to go to church” talks down your throat. TAKE YOUR TIME! Build your relationship on your own time. When you’re ready, God will understand and it will be so much more genuine.


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