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“… go where you feel most alive”

For me, nature always centers me and everything around me, I find more peace here. As we live each day and as time passes, we need a place to turn to just to reflect… to think. For me, I have always enjoyed nature, wander into the woods and sit for hours (in daylight of course) contemplating simply about life. For those that get so stressed out within their fast-paced life, I recommend you finding that place that makes you feel more alive. If you don’t have one, consider nature. I have listed my top 5 places that I have been to (or want to visit) around Atlanta area (and some are located a few hours from Atlanta) that will help you regroup your thoughts. Check each one out….. thank me later.

  1. Amicalola Falls : Waterfalls
  2. Stone Mountain : Mountain trail
  3. Warm Springs. GA : Safari/ Mountain Trail
  4. Minnehaha Falls Trail: Waterfall Trail
  5. Providence Canyon : Canyon (had to include a picture below because this place is amazing)

Now, lets get into fashion.

For this look, knowing I was going to be surrounded by nature, I wanted to incorporate an all black look. I had this outfit in my closet that I purchased from COS and knew it would be perfect. It included a knit-like ribbed top and a matching skirt with detail on the bottom (this is my first time purchasing a matching set of some sort). I love this set mostly because it forms a silhouette on you.

The cool thing about having a matching knit set is that its perfect for the Fall time and Winter. This is also super easy to dress. I included my sling-backs in this picture because I wanted a more minimal look this day. However, I can definitely throw on some sneakers with this or even some detailed ankle boots.

Photographer: @sanhegil

Get My Look!

Ribbed Long Sleeve Top: COS

Ribbed Pencil Skirt: COS

Slingback: COS (similar- H&M)


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