America’s Mart: Bloggers Event (Fashion Show)

On Thursday, April 12th America’s Mart (located in Atlanta) hosted an amazing fashion show, showcasing designs from different showroom designers. This show displayed trends from the upcoming Fall/Winter season. Let me tell you… I was impressed! If you have not heard of America’s Mart, you have to check it out (great place for buyers). If you are inquiring about how you can get in to view different showrooms, check it out here.


Check out some amazing designs and showroom information below.


1. Two-Piece Set: Green Polka Dot Shirt &Pant – Skies are Blue

Bag: Total Accessories

Necklace: L&B Creations

Sunglasses: Olga’s Eyewear

2. Green Cardigan: MUD PIE, LLC

Scarf: L&B Creations

Jumpsuit: Uncommon Fashion

Belt: Designer House

Shirt: Skies are Blue

3. Plaid Suiting: Jacket, Suit Pants & Shirt: Uncommon Fashion

Sunglasses: Olga’s Eyewear

Bag & Necklace: L&B Creations

4. Vintage Floral: Dress: Stitch Showroom

Bag: Total Accessories

Hat: Abbacino

Necklace: L&B Creations

5.Rainbow Stripes: Sweater: Amy J. Hill Showroom

Pants: Stitch Showroom

Hat: Abbacino

Bag: Designer House



  1. Fanny Packs/ Bum Bags -(disclaimer: if you have not seen my previous post on my DIY version of a fanny pack/bum bag check it out here.)

Fanny packs have been very popular through-out the year and we plan on continuing on seeing the trend this Fall/Winter. The cool thing about fanny packs is that you can style them with a “comfy” look or use them to dress up. This was one of my favorite looks on the runway. Definitely wouldn’t mind owning this entire look!

2. Leather + Fur

It is obvious that fur and leather are key essentials for fall/winter looks. However, the way that you style them is the key. Whoever thought about putting fur with leather to create a look is brilliant. Colored fur is definitely a big trend this fall/winter.



3. Trench Coats

Trench coats is an essential piece each fall/winter! Comes in multiple colors and styles, they are easy to use as layering pieces.


Check out more items within these top trends below!


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