New Life


I admit. Blogging is hard, especially when you are trying to figure your life out. When I first began blogging, I used it as a platform for me to express how I feel… only to be directed away from that. Writing has always been an ___ outlet for me to express myself. There is so much power in words. When it came to blogging, I had to take a break. I was grateful for all the things that it allowed me to do and be apart of, but I felt as if it was taking me into a different direction… I began to have nothing to talk about.



There are so many “unclaimed” rules to blogging and honestly, i’m not going by them anymore.

My consistency level sucks.

I don’t have the time to take pictures weekly/hours for consistent content.


When you are trying to balance your full-time work life and produce great content while maintaining your friendships, it takes a toll on you. But, here I am today. I took a break because I was at the point of my life where “I” though everything was falling apart, but it was God way of saying, “I am working in your life to put your pieces together.” I’ve been through what i’ve been through and it makes me the person that I am today.


I’m a 25 year old young woman

that has had her fair share of life

growing this relationship with God — knowing who God really is

finding her life passion

being happy, no matter what…


everyone has their story, and i’m transparent enough to share mine

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