Day 6-7 NYFW: My New York Fashion Week Experience — Toasted Leather

It is February 17 and New York Fashion Week has concluded. I’ve never imagined experiencing New York Fashion Week for an entire week. If I could define my experience of New York Fashion Week using one word, it would be: riveting — quite compelling. Many of you are thinking ‘isn’t fashion week only about looking fashionable and attending shows, right?’ Eh, yes and no.






Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — Toasted Leather

February 14, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day! I know many people are questioning themselves. Stuck on what to get her? Stuck on what to ask for? Even stuck on where to go? Don’t worry, this gift guide is exactly for you! Valentine’s Day is today and many of you all are probably still stuck shopping for gifts to get your significant other. I have created a list of Top 6 gifts that every girl would love, no matter the circumstances of your relationship with your partner.





NYFW Day 5: Matte Brand x Glossier x Elaine Welteroth — Toasted Leather

February 12, 2018

As of today, I realized when I am in another territory (even if I am with someone), I get socially awkward. Back home in Atlanta, its a bit easier for me to approach people, start a conversation and exchange contact information. Being socially awkward can prevent you from meeting the right people — especially if you’re…






NYFW Day 4: Vivi Zubedi x CHOCHENG — Toasted Leather

February 11, 2017

It is Day 4 of NYFW and I am ready for this raining weather to conclude. Today, I planned to only attend 2 shows — Vivi Zubedi and CHOCHENG! Must I say, they were amazing! For today’s outfit, due to the rainy weather, I decided to go for a more relaxed feel. I wore an oversized cream knit sweater and olive trousers along with my Edge of Glory thigh high boots from…





NYFW Day 3: Nandi Madida — Toasted Leather

February 11, 2018

It is Day 3 of NYFW and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I missed 4 shows yesterday due to delay in transportation. I also began to feel so overwhelmed knowing that it is impossible to attend 3/4 shows a day. Whatever idea I had in mind to RSVP to as many shows (even though they were spaced out) will never be done again. However, today was a bit interesting (sort of unusual).






NYFW Day 2: Samsung x Chromat — Toasted Leather

February 9, 2018

DAY 2 of NYFW was a complete success. Despite the snow that began to fall down and the drop in the temperature, this city will forever inspire me. I spent my days visiting panel discussions with ladies in the industry and attending an anticipated show….






NYFW Day 1: PH5 Show — Toasted Leather

February 8, 2018

Its Day 1 for NYFW and it started off so well.

– 6:00am – I was ready for my flight from Atlanta to LaGuardia airport. Excited to be able to experience NYFW for a second time.

– 8:00am -As soon as I landed, I hopped in a Lyft which dropped me off at my first destination: Manhattan (my bestfriend’s apartment — the stay for my travel).

– 10:00am- I arrived in Manhattan, dropped of my bags and headed to grab…






Off Shoulder Jacket + Boyfriend Jeans — Toasted Leather

February 6, 2107

Even through the cold days, I enjoy wearing my off shoulder jacket with my boyfriend jeans! Listening to Frank Ocean- Be Yourself while typing this blog post and all I can seem to do is smile. Lately, I began to find consistent happiness. On this journey to following my creative career path and in search of my spiritual calling, questions are finally being answered.





Over-sized Knit Scarves — Shopping Guide — Toasted Leather

January 22, 2018

Over-sized knit scarves are my ultimate fav (especially for this cold weather). These scarves makes up the perfect accessory for any fashion look! If you are living in Atlanta and experiencing this weather, it can be a bit…





Girl Power: Staying True to Yourself — Toasted Leather

January 19th, 2018

I’ve been struggling lately with balancing blogging, while also staying true to myself (which explains my lack of posts recently). I follow so many influencers and (maybe it’s just me) but I cant seem to feel…